Southern Chorus Frog teeth of a comb

LittleGrass.jpg (17849 bytes) Little Grass Frog high pitched tinkling
SouthernCricket.jpg (18188 bytes) Southern Cricket Frog marbles bumping



Spadefoot Toad nasal yonk
wpeC.jpg (13923 bytes)

Southern Leopard Frog rubbing a balloon or chuckle
Gopher.jpg (20619 bytes) Gopher Frog snore
Bull Frog jug-o-rum
Pig Frog pig’s grunt
GreenTree.jpg (14373 bytes) Green Tree Frog cow bell
wpe10.jpg (10964 bytes) Squirrel Tree Frog quack
Click to see and hear
Video courtesy of John E. Herman, Ph.D.
BarkingTree.jpg (20518 bytes) Barking Tree Frog baying hound
PinewoodsTree.jpg (15697 bytes) Pinewoods Tree Frog morse code



Narrow Mouth Toad nasal bleet
wpe12.jpg (13452 bytes) Oak Toad baby chick peep



Southern Toad trill



Giant Toad slower deeper trill than southern toad
wpeA.jpg (13911 bytes) Cuban Tree Frog similar to leopard frog; more cry-like
Greenhouse.jpg (15787 bytes) Greenhouse Frog insect like chirp or bat sound



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