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Welcome to the home page for the Southwest Florida Amphibian Monitoring Network



The Southwest Florida Amphibian Monitoring Network represents a diverse group of citizen volunteers organized for the purpose of monitoring amphibians (mostly frogs) in southwest Florida. Click here to learn about

Greetings Frog Watchers:

We have our season kick off meeting scheduled for Saturday, June 1, 9:00 AM at the Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium. The Center is located at 3450 Ortiz Avenue at the intersection of Colonial Blvd. and Six Mile Cypress in Fort Myers, one minute from I-75 at Exit 136.

We would like to discuss data management and reporting issues. We also have copies of the latest Frog Watch publication in Florida Scientist from the 10 year summary. I am also happy to announce that we received a grant from Steve Brookman derived from revenue generated by the River Roots and Ruts Trail Run for $1000.

I have purchased 5 Kestrel portable weather stations ($200 each) for those of you who don't already have one. These devices measure wind speed, RH, temperature, dew point etc. etc.

If you can't make it please let me know so we can discuss any issue you may have.

John Cassani

2008 is the Year of the Frog

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2003 Annual Summary is posted. (draft)


EARS OPEN: David Burr (1951-2007) listens to frogs off State Road 82 east of Fort Myers.


 2003 Frogwatch Annual Summary (Draft)
This is a large PDF file.  Broadband is suggested for download or a lot of patience.
Also available in a Word format.


Frog art on this site is provided courtesy of Stephen Koury.  To see more of his award winning nature art visit his site at, or contact him at

Photos on this site are courtesy of John Cassani.

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